Our services

  • Agency, marketing and exportation services
  • GLOBAALI- internationalization program
  • Market connections to Middle Eastern Europe countries such as Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia
  • RADEPLAN™ -customer services to different continents and local cooperatives
  • STRATECOM™ -communication program
  • ODPlan™ -training of change and developing program
  • Developing business idea program
  • Management and team education

Mr. Reijo Kaakkolammi has been elected on January 16, 2018 for the Internationalization Committee of the Federation of Finnish Enterprises. The committee acts as a guardian of lobbying on issues related to the internationalization of SME´s, addressing in particular questions related to the international cooperation of the organization.


Anita Kaakkolammi

+358 40 733 1051

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Reijo Kaakkolammi

General Partner
+358 400 320 711

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