Agentuuri- ja konsultointiyhtiö

Tulosneuvo KY

Expert in International Business and Marketing

Agentuuri- ja konsultointiyhtiö Tulosneuvo Ky is a Finnish consulting agency that has specialized in internationalizing, developing marketing and starting import and export. We also perform enhancement consulting in business activity and in organizations, training of change and furthermore training in the fields mentioned above.


Curriculum Vitae

  • More than twenty years experience in the field of industry and commerce direction, marketing and exportation.
  • Long term operation foreign cultures including Switzerland, Benelux countries, Germany, Nordic countries, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary and Russia where we have had segment ownership or cooperative companies.
  • We have succesfully carried out internationalizing and different business area enhancement programs.
  • More than zwenty years experience as a instructor among other things in LIFIM, PohTO, Fintra, supplementary education centres in different institutions of higher learning, and in different organizations, business firms and companies.
  • Fluent knowledge of languages including (Finnish, German, Swedish, English, Czech and French) and continuous personal business relations across Europe.